Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Favor Dilemna : Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Stumped on what to give your guests as a parting momento for celebrating your wedding day?

Give them something sweet....Trust me.

Forget about the Glass Coaster (with engagement photo inside), or the Small Candle Holder (engraved with your initials).

Get serious.
Do you actually think those things will even make it into the suitcase?

But why you may ask? Because you can't eat it!
Instead, give them....................


A Caramel Apple

Cupcakes & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Maybe a cookie? If they're quick!

Whatever you choose, have fun.
And make it tasty!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Scary Savings until Hallowe'en

If you have an upcoming event, and have been thinking about booking Go2Girl Events, now is the time!

I am offering 10% off package pricing until the clock strikes midnight on Halloween night.

Give me a ring (206.276.3323), or send along an email for a complimentary brainstorming session ---- October 31st is only 6 weeks away!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go2Girl Events :: Feature Article

In late August, I had a wonderful interview request from Georgie Hockett, co-founder of A Grand Wedding, to give my advice & guidance on planning a Second Wedding.

Check out the article :: Second Time Around

I hope it provides inspiration to those in the midst of their planning (whatever wedding number that is!)

Here's to stylish sanity!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Play up the Surroundings :: Bring the Outdoors In

So, you've planned a lovely beach ceremony, with a cozy wood lodge reception to follow. Only concern?
How to create that beachy, relaxed vibe indoors at a sit down dinner.

Here's a suggestion: Tie in the environment. Your ceremony was all about sand between your toes, so bring it to the table. Literally.

Create a sand runner.

Using sand from the beach, pour it down the center of the table.
This works best on wooden tables (without linens!), though a glass top will work too.

Add silver glitter to the sand, and bury short pillar candles. The light will bounce all over.

Maybe you're planning a wedding in a park.

Your guests will walk down a public path of some kind, to find the ceremony location.

Use the park's naturial ambience to play up your day, and guide your guests in the right direction.

Mark the path with small paper pieces attached to ribbons. Put your initials, first names or a code word on them.
Hang from tree limbs, attach to park benches, lay in floral bushes.

Whatever you come across as you scope out your ceremony location.

At your reception, use wooden branches as the table centerpiece (curvy willow is great!)

Hang these same paper pieces from the willow branches to tie in the calm, natural theme.

You will create a feeling of flow to your ceremony & reception, as elements have been pulled from each.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Avoiding the Guest Book Back Up

So, you've wracked your brain to come up with an original way for your friends & family to celebrate their presence on your wedding day.

You've decided to go with the 'Wishing Bowl' idea.
A large vase is displayed with a sweet poem framed beside it, and pens galore. You've slaved over cardstock, cutting it into sizes just so, and in all of your wedding colors of course.

The display looks 'oh so beautiful' on the entry table to the reception.... Until the uber long line starts to build.

This can result in guests completely bypassing your well thought out plan to capture memories, or having them just jot down something short and impersonal.
They have pressure on them from the back to get out of the line!

Here's a solution:
Create an environment that allows guests to participate in their own time frame. No pressure.

On each Reception Table
Display a small square vase;
Attach a Sweet Poem/Instructions to the front,
Attach a Table Number to the bottom;
Provide cardstock & pens.

Have your Wedding Coordinator pick up each vase as the reception begins to wrap up. You can combine all of your well wishes & advice into one large container, or wait to see what someone at Table #7 really had to say!

Here's to Stylish Sanity

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vendor Spotlight :: Lady Lam Atelier

Bonjour Darling!

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Lady Lam Atelier.

Christine brings back the charm & eloquence of old fashioned sensibility.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Big O

No, not that O. (get your mind out of the gutter)
Oh, and not Oprah either.

I'm talking about the 'O' that can eat you alive while planning a wedding...


That ugly word that seems to rear it's head in so many situations surrounding family inclusion, traditions to follow, guests to invite, food to serve.
You can just feel it stirring inside, can't you?

It can be a complete energy drain having to field questions & unsolicited advice from all sides, especially if some of them are footing the bill.
And they'll dangle that check like a carrot!!

There really is no clear cut path to stick to, except this :: Trust Your Gut.

If you feel uncomfortable, belittled, or resentful toward a demand or request - Clear the air.
Be an adult about it, and address the issue before it escalates.

Stress can manifest itself in so many different ways. The last thing you want is to break out into hives, or suffer from night terrors.

You need to squelch this type of manipulative behavior from others - - and fast.
Negotiation is the tactful and diplomatic route, and you always want to remain respectful.

Alas, the wedding day is for the union of Bride & Groom. But, it is also a celebration for all of your friends, family & guests who made the trek.

Create your own traditions, while honoring the past.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!