Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't be THAT bride

Planning a wedding should be joyous, creative & exciting!
Not another 'job', filled with excess stress & loathing.

As a Bride, you must invest positive energy into the relationships you are building, whether with Family, Friends or Vendors.
Approach each interaction with the outcome in mind, infusing it with a 'happy' chip on your shoulder.

But, even with the best intentions, some level of stress will creep in.
Here are a few tips to reign it in......

Keep it in Perspective
There are many details & decisions to make surrounding your Big Day. Focus on the Big Picture.
Perfection is not realistic, and actually creates more panic, stress and moodiness.
Does it really matter if the napkins aren't the exact shade of pink you want? Do you have to serve a Signature Cocktail, and increase your bar bill by $500?

Focus on the atmosphere and feelings you want to share with your guests, not the itty bitty details that can drive you mad!

Humor Me
You've got to remember to laugh, and roll with the changes. There is no point in getting all huffy like a 3 year old, and throwing a tantrum.
Remember, your energy & verbage sets the tone for everyone. Do you want to have an enjoyable planning & actual day of wedding experience?
Then seek to enjoy each moment - it goes by so fast. Upon reflection, you'll laugh at all of the little things that happened, and wonder why you worried to begin with.

Control Freak
You cannot take on all the Wedding Day tasks. If you even try, I can guarantee you'll be crying in your champagne, or pouting in the ladies room.
Your wedding day will not be perfect. Didn't it feel good to hear that?
Seek out a few trusted friends or family members, and assign them a small list of tasks.

Hire a Wedding Planner or Coordinator. This will be the best money you ever spend! Why you ask? Well, because wedding details are like a second language to us. We can see the holes before they even appear. Troubleshooting is what we do, to make your experience seamless.

Honor Yourself
Schedule time to relax, and allow some alone time. Pampering appointments are always great - facials, massage - or maybe a Cocktail Hour with the girls?
Be sure to spend time NOT chatting about wedding planning - but keeping up with what is happening in others lives.
You want to nurture the relationship with self & friends.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dessert Bars - Delicious Small Packages

Your fiance LOVES Cheesecake.
You're obsessed with Chocolate Truffles.

How to create decadance for all? A Dessert Bar of course.

The options are endless: Lemon Tarts, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Macaroons, Grande Marnier Souffle, Tortes & Cupcakes. Oh my!

Photos courtesy of Sweet Tempered - Austin

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jazz Up your Thank You cards

Looking for an original way to say Thank You to your guests?

Think magnet paper.

Print out a wallet sized photograph, and attach it to a piece of cardstock.

You can dress it up with a printed announcement that personalizes the message.

It's a beautiful way to share a memory, that's more likely to get tossed onto the fridge, and not in the recycling bin!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beautiful Surroundings

Many modern brides choose to have their photographer take 'Getting Ready' pictures as they prepare to walk down the aisle.

These pictures are always so intimate, emotional & glowing. Something you'll be happy you did.

As long as you remember that the background will also be a part of it!

If your budget can handle it, book a beautiful room with great light. You won't regret the extra dough, and it really sets the tone for the day. Getting ready in luxurious surroundings makes you feel like a queen!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Seattle Brides to Be: Shopping Shout Out

Are you in need of duponi silk?
Then get down to Pacific Fabrics Outlet in SODO.

Yesterday, I spotted an entire table full of remnant pieces (some as large as 4 yards) in Golds, Beige, Deep Purple, Reds, Blue.
All cuts were individually priced at 'must go' amounts.

Great for Bridesmaid Dresses, Ringbearer Pillows, Overlay on the Cake Table, Wrapping up Tabletop Vases (extra splash of color).

Here's to stylish sanity!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time to Tackle Negative Body Image?

Every bride has issues when it comes to 'fitting' into her dream dress.
You have an image in your mind of how you want to look, Princess for a Day, fully on display for others to envy.
Alas, when you look in the mirror you see a fat toad.
Stop with the negative self talk already!

Give yourself ample time to get into great shape. Meaning more than 6 weeks :)
Exercise will allow you to obtain your 'dream wedding look', but more importantly increase your confidence & ability to deal with stressful situations (like planning a wedding).

Not a gym girl? Well, join the club. Let's face it - it's so easy to talk yourself out of going, and you tend to jump in too quickly, and get burnt out or even injured.

Bridetiquette's Tip is this...............Outdoor Bootcamp.
Yes, it's hardcore. But the level of accountability you feel knowing other participants are also pushing themselves to do crunches & sprint drills in the mud is uncomparable.
The results - mental & physical - kick on any indoor training session I've ever had.

Check out Seattle Weightloss Bootcamp with Kimae Dolan. She is kind, supportive, and a book of knowledge on nutrition & getting into shape.

Your core will not regret it!