Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vendor Spotlight with Jeremy Leffel | Photographer

Jeremy Leffel is one cool cat. Not to mention a killer photographer.
We had a mutual client in August 2009, and the wedding was truly melodic.

But, I was awe-struck when the images arrived. Jeremy has a gift, and it's creating exceptional photos.
What was even more amazing, is he just disappears into the crowd.
The ultimate photographer, who becomes one with the guests.

I recently asked him to share a bit about himself, his philosophy, and of course, some incredible images from Jess & Cory's wedding. 


Tell us a little about yourself…

I am a photographer, 33, and married to my best friend. We have 3 highly gifted, incredibly attractive, nearly superhero kids. I love outside…I hike, bike, snowboard, and walk. A few faves: family night, Apple, Puma, gray, Subaru, movies & music, avocados, ice cream, Maker’s Mark.

What inspired you to start your business?
Our wedding (1998), Lynette Johnson (Seattle area photographer), and my first wedding shoot (Shawn and Michelle, 1999). I had done a lot of B/W work in college (art school at UW) and never thought about weddings. Shawn and Michelle asked me to snap some B/W with my Nikon FG and I loved it…I also loved that her parents had hired another guy shooting formal stuff  Work kept coming, so I picked up a business license, a second camera, and an accountant.

What advice can you share for all of the couples getting married this year?
The best weddings I have been to are created by couples and designers who find the balance of celebrating the marriage and being the hosts of a great party. It can be elaborate or simple, small or huge, but it is always a good time if the guests are a priority.

What special items/services do you offer/create for weddings?
I keep it simple by providing an edited disc and making custom books. I have some other canvas and hand-made products in the works for 2010/2011.

What’s unique about your work?
I work really hard to come up with unique compositions and ways of using light in every situation…I try to keep editing simple and natural, and I edit a little further for interesting color and black & white for prints and albums. I think that comes from a lot of film years and wanting the images to still look amazing in 50 years.

Where are you located? What areas do you cover?
I grew up in Edmonds, live in Tacoma, and mostly shoot between Olympia and Vancouver, BC. I find myself east of the mountains occasionally, and out of state a couple times each year…Arizona during a cold November was a highlight this year.

Where can we see  your work, and book your service? my goal for this year is to create a better blog and journal regularly  check back on that…I need blog accountability.

How long have you been in business?
Full-time since 2000.

What price ranges do your services fall into?
I try really hard to work with people who really want to work with me. My standard rates are $3K-$4K.

What do you bring to the industry that sets you apart?
Right now there are a million photographers…I think couples choose to work with me because of my love for people and my experience. I love to hang out with people and happen to know how to use a camera pretty well. I think my way of working with clients and constant progression and consistency with the camera has kept me going on referrals since I started. I like to think that my experience (ability to problem solve difficult lighting/weather), aesthetic, and business simplicity are assets that are unique in photography right now.

Where can clients contact you? or 206-307-7511

If you're interested in Jeremy Leffel for the 2010 season, get on it! This guy books up fast.