Thursday, January 29, 2009

Art of the Cupcake

Lately I've become a bit obsessed with the cupcake.

Not the taste, flavor combinations, or even the (at times) breathtaking price.

But the beauty in the presentation.

There is a rare breed of baker that treats each one with the love of a blank canvas.

I recently stumbled upon photos from one such whimsical baker in the UK.

Her name is Sarah Jones, and she owns thelittlebakehouse.

Here's a sampling of her eye candy cupcakes:

Too cute to eat? Well, maybe not - but darling nonetheless. Cheers to you Sarah!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Seattle Wedding Industry Professionals

Get ready for the launch of Seattle's premier boutique wedding shop.
The Seattle Wedding Industry Professional's network (SWIP) is opening its doors this Thursday at 3pm.

SWIP is a new collaborative of independent wedding professionals who share a boutique meeting space in Seattle, and I'm thrilled that Go2Girl Event Planning is a part of it!

We support each other with inspiration, exposure, and share a wonderful luxury meeting space with colleagues + clients!

For those of you who are busy wedding planning, this is great place to meet with a small group of some of Seattle’s best wedding vendors in just one stop!

You’re Invited!
Opening Party
Thursday, January 29th :: 3 -7pm
For details + directions, visit :

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vendor Spotlight :: cathyswraps LLC

Many brides want to add a green element to their big day, but hope to save some $$ too!

If you're still searching for an Eco Chic item to add to your decor ---look no further than cathyswraps LLC.

These decorative vase wraps will fill multiple roles from Wedding Aisle decor, to Tabletop design, and finally, Favors for your parting guests.
We recently caught up with Cathy Skraba, Owner of cathyswraps LLC, to discuss her inspiration + brilliant business idea.
Tell us a little about yourself...
I officially launched cathywraps LLC in 2006, though I spent years developing the idea. I have two children, a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old son.

What inspired you to start your business?
I do believe in the saying "necessity is the mother of invention".

I had a successful freelance graphic design business, but wanted to stay home with my young children. Our family was created through the miracle of adoption, and I wanted to enjoy every minute, so I needed to get creative to pay the bills!

Around that time, my mother (fondly known as Doey), asked if I would think of ways to spiff up a vase that attached to church pew clips. She invented the pew clip, and enjoys much success with it, but wanted a way to give the display vase a makeover.

Being a graphic designer, I developed the idea of a decorative sleeve with fun patterns + colors. And the idea of cathyswraps LLC just grew from there.

What is unique about your product?
cathyswraps is a practical, versatile new vase. It can be used for centerpieces or party favors, it can become a gift vase by adding one of our coordinating gift tags, or it can be used as aisle decor.

It's available in trendsetting colors + patterns, and is easily personalized.

When brides uses our vases, they create continuity throughout their special day. They also get more value from their flowers, but using them in more than one locale.

Our vases are created from repurposed materials. The paper for the decorative wrap had been specially ordered for a local coffee company, but never used, and the plastic pots were warehoused for over 10 years.

The paper, made partially from post consumer waste, is printed with water based inks.

What price range does your product fall into?
cathyswraps are sold in sets of 12, ranging from $36 for the vase + decorative sleeve, to $48 for the vase, decorative sleeve + 12 pew clips.

Where can clients contact you + see your product line?
phone: #206.284.8268 or #800.435.3813

To order a sample to play with, test on church pews, or show to a florist...please visit my etsy shop:

Thank you Cathy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Need a little Brain Candy?

A good read for those feeling a bit panicked, and looking for a good laugh.

Topics range from Prenups Skills to Wedding Day Emergencies + Honeymoon Disasters!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vintage is the New Sexy :: Wedding Style

So many of us love the Ladylike Look of the 50's + 60's.
Maybe you see your style as timeless like Jackie O, sweet a la Audrey Hepburn, or flirty like Marilyn Monroe.

Whomever you admire,
Posh Girl Vintage has got you covered.

All of their items are authentic, one of a kind, and available online!

Thinking about a Black Tie Wedding, filled with glamour + tradition? Here's a few Bridesmaid Dress options for inspiration:

Dress Styles : Carnegie Style, Taffeta Full + Chiffon Tiers

Darling, or what? These are my 2 favorites Dress Styles:

The Audrey + The Black Velvet Halter.
Dresses sell out quickly, so if you spy a knockout : Snap it up!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cha Ching :: Save Some Dough on Your Big Day

Wanting a bit of Economic Stimulus to further your Wedding Budget?

Here's a few practical + (hopefully) useful suggestions on how to keep your pockets full.

- Schedule the Ceremony for Late Morning :: This will allow a Light Lunch Reception.

- Look Outside for Locations :: Parks, Beaches, Community Centers. Look into costs + availability. Many allow reservations of up to 1 year.

- The Wedding Dress : Think Gently Used, Vintage or Consignment.

- Lose the Cocktail Hour. Or, make it a Cash Bar until Reception time.

- Get Flowers at the Farmers Market :: Bouquets will be made before your eyes!

- Use Ceremony Flowers as Reception Decor. This is a no brainer.

- Reduce the Bridal Party numbers

- Cut the Invitee List

- Plan a Destination Wedding (just the 2 of you!) :: Throw an elaborate At Home Reception.

- Book a photographer for a reduced number of hours. Develop a strategic timeline to capture the most important moments.

- Get your girlfriends (with photo skills) to capture all the 'Getting Ready' scenes.

- Skip Favors entirely (nobody will miss them - we promise!)

- Plan a local Honeymoon :: Not your own backyard - but within 3 hours of drive time.

Do you have a unique way to embrace your inner Recessionista?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What's Your Philosophy?

Stumped over what to give at the Bridal Shower? Everyone's been there!

Or, maybe you're the Bride to Be and want to give your Bridesmaids a gift of beauty?

Here's your solution.............
Every girl craves great skin, shiny hair + to smell good too!

Philosophy has you covered. Prepackaged gifts for the Bride.
How darling is the Hat Box presentation?
You can keep all your goodies inside.

And a special selection for the Bridal Party too!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Expert Spotlight :: Farris Law PLLC

Valerie Farris isn’t some ‘Made for TV’ attorney. She’s personable, gregarious, funny & well-versed. She creates an environment of comfort – whether over a cocktail or drafting a will – by sharing her knowledge with confidence + clarity.

Oh, and did I mention…She speaks four languages, and is a Seattle University graduate?

Bridetiquette recently caught up with Valerie, to get the inside scoop on how to prepare for the Legal Institution of Marriage.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.......
I was born in Detroit, and moved to Washington State when I was 10. Seattle really is home for me - I’ve lived here for the better part of 14 years, with over half of that time being in West Seattle. My family is very close, so I was raised to value people + relationships above everything else. As a result, one of my strengths, personally + professionally, is to cultivate and build strong relationships.
I’m also a huge Seattle sports fan, love to salsa dance, bake killer brownies + chocolate chip cookies, and simply adore my niece and nephews.

What inspired you to start your business?
I grew up in a small business, always surrounding with the example of ‘sweat equity’ and hard work. I started my law career with a small firm in Seattle, and then began to build my own practice under the umbrella of another. This allowed my own launch to happen with much less stress, as I already had a small client base in place. I started my firm on October 1, 2008, so I’ve been in business for a few months now.

That’s the practical side of things though. The less concrete stuff includes my love for learning new things, and helping clients achieve their goals with a minimum of expense and headache. Having the freedom to get creative and try different things, thinking outside the box and looking for the best client solutions were big motivating factors in my decision to strike out on my own.
The best part is that I’m able to focus my law practice where my passion is: small business owners and their families.

What special services do you offer to newlyweds?
Estate Planning is the main legal service I offer newlyweds.
Most Americans don’t even have a will, but Estate Planning is about much more than that. It covers all sorts of contingencies: what happens if you disappear while traveling, if you become incapacitated or end up in a persistent vegetative state, or if you should pass away.
For newlyweds, getting this taken care from the start clears up the ‘what ifs’ from the beginning. Your wishes are spelled out in black + white, so your spouse and family won’t have to deal with more pressure and stress if the worst does happen.

Here are some tips for those getting married in 2009:
· Talk about your individual financial lives, so you’re well equipped to blend financial + legal lives once you’re married.
· Change the beneficiary names on any insurance policies or retirement plans once married.

What do you bring to your law practice that sets you apart?
My background and absolute commitment to customer service, as well as the small business environment in which I was raised, sets my practice and approach apart. When I decided to start my own firm, I realized that I am my brand. I don’t do anything magical in terms of the nuts + bolts of practicing law.

What sets me apart is how I practice. I don’t bill clients unless I’m actually working directly on your behalf, and I pride myself on keeping clients informed of changing cost projections every step of the way. Most of my work is on a flat-fee basis, which provides clients predictability, and a certain level of control over what their legal needs will cost.

My clients know that an email message or voicemail will nearly always be returned the same day. I inform clients with active cases when I’ll be unavailable for longer than 1 business day, and always have a colleague that clients may contact about urgent matters when I’m out of town.
The bottom line is this…..I communicate with my clients. They walk away from the experience of working with me knowing that they had a GREAT lawyer who cared & was responsive to their legal needs.
It’s not completely altruistic on my part either – happy clients are the best advertising! I receive 80% of my business via word-of-mouth. Superior customer service really does pay for itself.

What price ranges do your services fall into?
This is a tough question, as I customize pricing to fit the needs of each client. My hourly rate is $200, though most of my work is done on a flat-fee basis.
Estate planning for couples ranges from $1400 - $2250, depending on the complexity involved in crafting all the legal documents.

I offer a 30 minute initial consultation, where clients have a chance to meet me, learn about my work style, and discuss fees + payment arrangements.
I encourage people to take advantage of this offer!

Where can we contact you + learn more about your services?
Please visit my website,
My direct email is: valerie {at}, and my direct phone #206.588.2930
Please visit my Biznik profile,, to learn more about me.
I also have a profile on Linked In + Twitter under the name seattlelawgirl.

Where are you located?
I’m located in West Seattle. I have clients from Edmonds to Federal Way, and will travel to meet clients if there’s an urgent need. We can meet in a formal office, or even a coffeehouse. My clients tend to prefer the more casual, laid-back meeting places!

What inspires you?
I love this question! The answer isn’t simple – so many things inspire me in life and in my work! The beauty of nature is a huge inspiration to me. Hearing peoples’ stories is something that fills me with the desire to do better in my own life. Spending time with my niece and nephews, and the rest of my loved ones. A challenge – I love to take on a serious challenge, so setting lofty goals (like the one I have to run a half marathon in 2009) is a huge motivation for me.
Faith, hope, love, joy – I could keep going, but I’ll leave it at that.
Thanks to Valerie for her candor + great legal advice for all the Brides to Be!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

What's Cooking? Twist on the Guest Book

Are you a Great Cook? Marrying a Chef?

Obsessed with order + alphabetizing?

Here's a great way to create a unique presentation.

The Recipe Card Guest Book!

Each guest will easily find their name, write a short + sweet comment, and refile for future reference.

No more folded cards shoved in a box or vase!
Brought to you by another great Etsy Seller : rfrantzdesign

Here's to Stylish Sanity!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Offerings, New Year :: Welcome 2009!

Hello Brides!
Your pleas + inquiries these past few months have not fallen on deaf ears - Go2Girl Events has listened carefully to your requests seeking alternatives to the wedding packages already offered....

Many of you crave the guidance, expertise and experience of a Seasoned Planner, but are looking to save a little dough.

Time is money - this we can all agree upon.
And during this Economic slow down, money is a most precious commodity.

Go2Girl Events has 2 new offerings for launch in 2009, to fit your ever-changing needs:

First Impressions :: Set-Up
Perfect for the couple who's developed a real theme to their wedding celebration, and wants a professional with a keen eye for detail + the big picture to carry out their vision.
Click for Details

DIY Bride :: Mentor Package
Save yourself the time + hassle of researching vendors who may (or may not) suit your style + budget needs.

Sit down with an experienced wedding planner to brainstorm ideas, discuss concerns, and talk about design + decor elements.
Click for Details

Please contact Go2Girl Events to set up an initial Meet + Greet.

Here's to Stylish Sanity in 2009!