Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Power of a Compliment

It was 88F & muggy here in Seattle last Saturday.
I was feeling anxious - I had an outdoor wedding & reception to coordinate that afternoon.
I couldn't fathom the bride, groom or their guests in direct sun for a 20 minute ceremony.
I prayed hard to the Cloud God for a bit of relief.
Just as guests began to arrive @ 5pm, the wind picked up off the water, the temperature cooled, and thin clouds blew in.
My prayers had been answered.

It was truly a beautiful ceremony & reception, and sweet with emotion.
I had the pleasure of helping the bride (Kristi) plan her wedding from the start.

It was truly an honor - but the icing on the cake was having her come up to me that night to say, 'This is my dream wedding'.
She was glowing, with happiness and satisfaction.

Those words meant the world to me - and I felt a few tears well in my eyes. It again restored my love of planning weddings, and thankful for the words that fill you up with pride & joy.

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