Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo Sessions - Post Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day will fly by - with such a flood of emotion & happiness, it's easy to forget about certain photographs you really wanted to capture!

Maybe the ceremony went a little long, and those Cocktail Hour pictures felt really rushed?

Possibly your hair & make-up prep time when down to the wire? Instead of some relaxed, glowing temperature-controlled Bridal Portraits in the hotel room, you & the girls were dashing for the Town Car.

When booking a photographer, ask that one of the hours be used during the week, following your big day.
You & your groom will be so relaxed, no longer under the spotlight of family & friends, and not feeling obligated to say hello to everyone around you.

Get back into your duds, but forget about the fancy hair or make-up. Take advantage of a different locale; dance on the beach, play in a park, walk in your favorite neighborhood.
Maybe even bring your pets?

Intimate pictures such as these are just as essential. You can never have too many great memories.

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