Monday, February 23, 2009

Vendor Spotlight :: Starjuice Aromatherapy

Scent recalls a memory in real time. Whether we realize it or not, we tie emotions to scents we love, and those we wish to forget!

Darcey Pickard is a Certified Aromatherapist, and an expert on the Power of Scent. Her phenomenal line of products are professionally blended in her workshop, where she's always mixing up new things!

Bridetiquette had the recent pleasure of sitting down with Darcey to get the scoop on scent!

Tell us a little about yourself…
I hail from the East Coast and proudly consider myself a Seattlite- after living here for 12+ years.
I live in West Seattle with my husband and our very busy 3 1/2 year old son.

In my spare time I like to make great products, garden, practice yoga, eat good food with great friends, and get massages & pedicures. (Oh, if there was only more spare time!)

What inspired you to start Starjuice?
I'm a Certified Aromatherapist and have been blending since 1991. I've also been a Licensed Massage Practitioner for 10 years and started creating products for my practice.

It was out of this that Starjuice Aromatherapy was born!

My vision? To provide people with high quality, fun, hip products rooted in the history and tradition of aromatherapy. I've always believed in holistic health—treating the whole person and unlocking people's innate power to heal themselves. Starjuice enables me to share this philosophy.

Where are you located?
West Seattle, USA

What special things do you create for weddings?
I have products like spritzers, snifters and sugar scrubs perfect for favors, bridal party gifts, shower gifts - or things brides can use to nurture themselves.

I also create custom blends. I can work with a bride and create a signature blend for your wedding to give out to guests or wedding parties as a spritzer, massage oil, perfume oil, etc.
We can create a label with your names and the date, or whatever you want to have.
Scent is our strongest memory.

It's great to have a scent associated with such an important day. Every time you smell it you'll think of your day.

What's unique about your product?
Starjuice is a fun and modern line - perfect for the urban bride.

My products are all natural and handmade in small batches, using the highest quality ingredients. Also most lines aren't created by Certified Aromatherapists- you're getting a quality product made with intention.

What advice can you share for all of the brides getting married this year?
Take care of yourself. Wedding planning for me was one of the most stressful times of my life!

It's so important to put yourself at the top of the list- and I don't just mean exercise so you can get into that dress. Take time to focus and center yourself, get massages, use aromatherapy at home, stretch, take a walk outside - whatever calms and nurtures your spirit. It's important to do those things for ourselves all the time - but crucial in times of high stress.

Where can we purchase your product line? +

What inspires you?
Colors, flowers, trees, parks, smells, food, art, music, design, aesthetics, Seattle... I live in a beautiful city and seeing the mountains when I'm driving in my car still takes my breath away. Getting a great massage and being able to go inward and feel refreshed. I feel supported by my community. I'm also inspired by the amazing women I know in mom's groups and business, the love of my husband and son and being a part of a child's world. That's a trip.

What price range does your product line fall into?
Custom orders vary

What do you bring to the industry that sets you apart?
A thorough knowledge of what it is I'm selling. People ask me " does this aromatherapy stuff work?" And I can answer "Yes!" AND tell them why.

I have years of personal experience with oils and take great pride and care with my creations. I use everything that I make. I talk the talk and walk the walk.

Where can clients contact you?

Thanks to Darcey for her wonderful interview :: Authenticity always smells sweet!

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Jennifer Worick said...

Great interview and as someone who's sniffed Darcey's wares first-hand, Starjuice products are downright decadent, luscious, and spirit lifting!