Friday, November 27, 2009

New Wedding Traditions to Love

There's a few new ideas that seem to be popping up here + there.

And we are loving them!
Traditions are always magical, but a personalized version of it, that fits a couple perfectly, is always the way to go.

Here's the 3 we noticed this past wedding season {and absolutely LOVE}.

1} Gift Exchange before the Ceremony

This is between the Bride + Groom, and is usually carried out by the Maid of Honor and Best Man, or designated helpers. The idea is, the Bride + Groom will open up the gifts before they see each other for the first time.

Personal Faves?
* The Handwritten Note
* A picture from the past
* Ticket stub from a concert

Best one we've seen?
A can of Root Beer. It was the Bride's favorite pop, and the Groom knew that having it would calm her nerves. It totally worked.

2} Photo Session - After The Wedding
These are the pictures you'll put up ALL over your house. Guaranteed.

The idea is this: Get all gussied up once again, but forget the make-up, hair do, glitzy jewelry, or perfectly coiffed hair. Just jump back into your dress, and your man back into his wedding day attire.

Seek out a completely different locale than your actual wedding ceremony + reception.

Example: You were married at a church, and had a ballroom reception.

Post Wedding Day Photo Session? Head downtown, go to the zoo, or a park.

Your photos will be Real. Raw. Romantic.

Neither of you will have any stress left, just the feelings of pure marital bliss.

3} Family Tree Guestbook

Newlyweds always want something personal + unique to take from their wedding, and put up on the wall.

This couldn't get any better. Your family literally leaves their thumbprint behind, at the end of a designated branch. They'll then sign below it, and voila!

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