Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jazz Up your Thank You cards

Looking for an original way to say Thank You to your guests?

Think magnet paper.

Print out a wallet sized photograph, and attach it to a piece of cardstock.

You can dress it up with a printed announcement that personalizes the message.

It's a beautiful way to share a memory, that's more likely to get tossed onto the fridge, and not in the recycling bin!


Jennifer Worick said...

Is the entire paper magnetized? Where can I get it? Will it go through the USPS okay? How cool!

event girl said...

Great Question Jen.....
It's the 8 1/2" by 11" magnet paper by Avery - available at Staples, Target.

Print it out just like a regular photo (magnet paper will go through the printer just like regular paper), use a wee bit of craft glue to attach it to a piece of cardstock, and.....

Voila! You have an instant memory that will stand the test of time!