Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time to Tackle Negative Body Image?

Every bride has issues when it comes to 'fitting' into her dream dress.
You have an image in your mind of how you want to look, Princess for a Day, fully on display for others to envy.
Alas, when you look in the mirror you see a fat toad.
Stop with the negative self talk already!

Give yourself ample time to get into great shape. Meaning more than 6 weeks :)
Exercise will allow you to obtain your 'dream wedding look', but more importantly increase your confidence & ability to deal with stressful situations (like planning a wedding).

Not a gym girl? Well, join the club. Let's face it - it's so easy to talk yourself out of going, and you tend to jump in too quickly, and get burnt out or even injured.

Bridetiquette's Tip is this...............Outdoor Bootcamp.
Yes, it's hardcore. But the level of accountability you feel knowing other participants are also pushing themselves to do crunches & sprint drills in the mud is uncomparable.
The results - mental & physical - kick on any indoor training session I've ever had.

Check out Seattle Weightloss Bootcamp with Kimae Dolan. She is kind, supportive, and a book of knowledge on nutrition & getting into shape.

Your core will not regret it!

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