Friday, November 14, 2008

Inspirational Frame of Mind

A Great Friend shared some wise words with me yesterday, and they've been playing over and over in my mind this morning.....So I thought I'd share them here.

' Love & Happiness are the ingredients that make the day beautiful - not flowers, invitations, or cake.
It's that natural glow, the contagious smiles, laughter and tears. These are the memories that will give you goosebumps as you reminisce in the years to come.

What made this so poignant, was the translation into Everyday Life.

The Pursuit of Happiness is why we all wake up, set goals, nurture relationships and start down a path.

It's so easy to get caught up with all of the 'stuff' surrounding us, and feeling suffocated by obligation - Especially when you're a Bride to Be planning the biggest event of your life thus far.

Just remember to Breathe Deep, Smile, and Be Present in the Moment.

Do you have a Ritual that helps you Relax?

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