Monday, November 17, 2008

The Real Way to A Guy's Heart :: PinUp Girl Photos

Have you held off booking a 'Boudoir' Photo Session - 'cause deep down you really want something edgy, unique and glamorous?

Well, look no further than Old School PinUps ....The Ultimate Place to Tap into the Dreamworld of Dress-up.

The Brilliant Mindmeld of Lance & Trixie (2007 Newlyweds), has clearly tapped into the insatiable need to capture our inner sex kitten!

Who can resist package names like:

The Hubba Bubba
The Fuzzy Boa
The Fishnet

Oh, and did we mention the Art of Burlesque lessons too?


Grosgrain Bride said...

How fun is that?! Too bad they're up there and I'm down here (in Texas)...:(

Event Girl said...

Sorry you're so far away - maybe you should plan a special trip?

Anne said...

Pin ups are really seeing a come back. Great to see a company tapping into that market.