Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ....To Get Engaged!

Part 1 :: Proposal Tips

The holiday season brings out strong feelings of nostalgia + love. It's also the natural time to reflect upon all we have, and all that we want in the New Year.

Proposals are a plenty during the last two weeks of December + New Years Day.

Here's a few tips for all the nervous people out there:

Keep it Simple

Avoid plans that are super elaborate, time consuming, or expensive. The sheer joy of being surprised, seeing the ring, and sharing that Once in a Lifetime feeling will be more than enough.

Be Comfortable + Relaxed

This isn't the time for a new restaurant, or a drive to a small town B & B.
Familiarity breeds Romance.
Memories of places already ventured have a built in feeling of happiness + security.

Be Present in the Moment

You may be surprised when the mood + words come to your lips.
Allow yourself some wiggle room, it doesn't HAVE to happen on Christmas Eve.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment...

Part 2 :: Unique Ideas + Settings for Marriage Proposals.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!


kare Anderson said...

This may sound artificially stagy yet what popped into my mind when i read your great tips is an approach borrowed from the advance team for Obama's campaign: what will be the backdrop?

When proposing, literally what will she see behind you as you ask?

Going further, be multi-sensory. What will she be smelling, feeling (the table cloth or?) hearing in the background, tasting etc.

If film directors are aided by storyboarding their movie, why not storyboard the experience leading up to and after you propose?

Of course it may not all happen on cue - that's the humor of God or the fates - and the core is the love you share... yet how fun to craft that chapter to smile when you recall it, looking back many life chapters later.
- another fan of Bridetiquette

Event Girl said...

Kare - thank you so much for the inspiring comment.
I think all senses are important too! And you're so right :: Storyboarding is a brilliant idea. It helps to rehearse situations that can make you nervous!

NotQuiteaBride said...

I love these tips! However, my fiance just proposed to me in PARIS on a ferris wheel, so he definitely didn't keep it simple, but he's a planner so it totally worked. I don't know ANY girl who regrets her proposal. Its special to you and thats what matters!

Event Girl said...

A ferris wheel in Paris? Wow - you can't really top that!
Congratulations to you both.