Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unique Ideas + Settings for Marriage Proposals

Part 2 of Marriage Proposal Tips + Ideas
Setting the tone for a proposal is key.

You want to feel confident, comfortable, and familiar with your surroundings.

Winter Wonderland Stroll

Assuming you have snow at your disposal, go on an outdoor jaunt, make Snow Angels, throw some snowballs...and then drop to one knee.

Decorating the Tree
Be sure to participate in hanging of the ornaments, and trimming the tree. Slip the ring to her as if it's one of the ornaments, and ask her then + there. This format works best for those with little stagefright!

Dog Park
Do you frequent one with your pooches? Could you get a friend/regular to co-inspire with you? Create a large sign stating '_______, will you marry me?' and have your buddy hang it somewhere along the walk route. Now that's unexpected!

Local Pub/Restaurant
For those that love Trivia Night - get the question added to the mix.
You'll both be surprised with the timing!

Movie Night
Plan a great evening at home :: Favorite movies playing, snacks 'o' plenty.
Create your own Intermission.

Whatever your plan, put your own personal twist on it.

Make it Memorable for all the Right Reasons.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!

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