Monday, March 16, 2009

Guest Gripes :: How to Blow a Great Wedding Experience

I recently sat down with friends to ask about their Wedding Guest experiences.
Now, there was nothing scientific about this interview process, but they qualify as Veterans when it comes to total Wedding Attendance Numbers.
{Amongst them, there were over 14 weddings attended last season alone}.

Top 5 Gripes

Cash Bar
Just. Don't. Do. It.
You can limit the offerings {beer, wine, signature drink only}, or even the total hours that it's complimentary.... but don't make your guests pay for their own drinks upon arrival to the Reception.
It's just one word......Tacky.

Get one! Pacing + transitions from Pre-Ceremony, to Cocktail Hour, to Cutting of the Cake is essential! No guest wants to feel like they're waiting around for something to happen. You need to have something for them to do {while you touch up your make-up, change, or get those last shots under the sunset}.
Guests have come to celebrate your union, and to chat with each other. Make sure each transition is smooth, and fully explained if need be.

Please, oh please ...... don't sequester all the Single people to one table.
Not everyone comes to a wedding to meet someone else.
Create a Seating Chart, and intermix singles, couples and all age groups.
Just because they're single, doesn't mean they want to sit at the designated 'loser' table.
Let the socializing be much more natural, and celebratory. People will find each other if they want too.

This is a touchy subject for many. You need to have someone to troubleshoot the Drunks, and the Long Winded Relatives. Everyone wanting their turn is understandable, but getting up there, talking about basically nothing while getting your drink refilled is not cool.

Plated Dinner
Having over 50 guests? Then skip it. Otherwise, food will be hot for some, warm for others, and cold for the rest. It won't be eaten at the same time, and guests will be bored. Many will be waiting for Entertainment, Sweets or Dancing to begin. You want everyone to enjoy themselves and eat with leisure, not feel like they need to play 'catch up'.

So, what's your biggest gripe as a Former Wedding Guest?

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Kimberly said...

Love this! Totally with you on the cash bar and the schedule! All of it, really :)