Friday, March 27, 2009

How to Interview a Vendor

Many Brides feel intimidated when meeting with several Vendors in each category.

They don't feel that all of their questions are answered, and when that happens, they tend to wait until the last minute to make a decision. This can result in a BAD decision.

It's all about Preparation. Determine what your needs are specifically, what you are willing to spend, and if this Vendor category is a high or low priority for the event.

Here's a general Vendor Questionnaire I provide to clients, to get them started.
You can tweak for different categories, by adding specific questions for your needs.

Vendor Questionnaire Sample

Price Range (circle one): High End In the Middle Low End
Recommended by:

How would you describe your style?
How many times will we meet before the Wedding Day?
Do you only book one wedding per day?
What sets you apart from other Vendors?

Do you have a price list, or price range available?
What happens if I have an unexpected change in plans? What are your cancellation terms?
Is there a monetary penalty for reducing my order number, or hours of service?

Do you require a deposit?
Is my deposit refundable in part?
Do you accept checks and credit cards?
Can you provide a few current references?

What’s your favorite part about a wedding celebration?
How do you interact with the wedding party and guests?
What attire will you wear at our wedding?

Do you anticipate and prepare for the possibility that something will go wrong?
How would you handle it?
What is the farthest distance you’ll travel? Are travel fees additional?

Being prepared builds confidence, and you'll walk away with the information you desperately want!

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