Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The MIL Factor

Does your future Mother-in-Law make you wish you were MIA?

What's a girl to do?
This summer has been filled with brides-to-be with one major common denominator. The overbearing, ultra nosy, control freak MIL to be.

It's so sad to see friendly, put together, independent brides getting all worked up. Here's a few pointers on how to 'shut it down' before you waste any more mental or emotional energy on this.

How to Practice Diplomacy in a High Stakes + Stressful Situation

1) Run! {just kidding}

2) Develop a personal barrier : Team Buffer
Hopefully, fingers crossed, you have at least one friend who's great at dealing with difficult people, and has your best interests at heart. Utilize them. Bribe them. Sit them down, share with them a few of your wedding planning 'war stories', and your fears about possible wedding day disasters.

3) Schedule personal time {aka: spa appointments}
Having this 'on the books' is half the battle. Treat these appointments with the greatest level of respect. Maintaining your mental health cannot be rescheduled.

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