Friday, September 18, 2009

Worried You Might Hate the Ring He Chooses?

The truth is, most modern woman really do want to have a say in picking out their own jewelry, especially a piece as significant as the engagement ring.

Really, what’s worse….

Ruining a surprise, that results in choking back your horror at the thought of wearing that ring for the rest of your life?

Or, having to tell your boyfriend, that while sentimental + worth thousands of dollars, it’s not going on your finger until exchanged for something that fits your style?

It’s a bridal dilemma, but a real solution starts with going online, and getting a general idea of what you like.

You can visit a diamond site together as a couple, like, and review styles, shapes, and sizes of different engagement rings using the virtual ring builder.

With over 150,000 diamonds in stock, there’s plenty to choose from. There’s also no guarantee that the exact virtual ring is going to land on your finger. See? Still an element of surprise!

Choice = Surprise

With so much selection to choose from, your beau can still put one together that fits his budget, your taste, and have the final creation be a surprise.

Do you know when he ordered the ring? When and if he’ll really propose?
Let him keep you guessing! By giving him some general ideas, he can put together his own game plan.

It will let him make the proposal special, and unveil the ring at just the right time. Odds are, it will steal your breath away.

The real thing is always better than a virtual image, no matter how good the ring builder happens to be.

Oh, and Congratulations!!

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