Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Offerings, New Year :: Welcome 2009!

Hello Brides!
Your pleas + inquiries these past few months have not fallen on deaf ears - Go2Girl Events has listened carefully to your requests seeking alternatives to the wedding packages already offered....

Many of you crave the guidance, expertise and experience of a Seasoned Planner, but are looking to save a little dough.

Time is money - this we can all agree upon.
And during this Economic slow down, money is a most precious commodity.

Go2Girl Events has 2 new offerings for launch in 2009, to fit your ever-changing needs:

First Impressions :: Set-Up
Perfect for the couple who's developed a real theme to their wedding celebration, and wants a professional with a keen eye for detail + the big picture to carry out their vision.
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DIY Bride :: Mentor Package
Save yourself the time + hassle of researching vendors who may (or may not) suit your style + budget needs.

Sit down with an experienced wedding planner to brainstorm ideas, discuss concerns, and talk about design + decor elements.
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Please contact Go2Girl Events to set up an initial Meet + Greet.

Here's to Stylish Sanity in 2009!

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