Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cha Ching :: Save Some Dough on Your Big Day

Wanting a bit of Economic Stimulus to further your Wedding Budget?

Here's a few practical + (hopefully) useful suggestions on how to keep your pockets full.

- Schedule the Ceremony for Late Morning :: This will allow a Light Lunch Reception.

- Look Outside for Locations :: Parks, Beaches, Community Centers. Look into costs + availability. Many allow reservations of up to 1 year.

- The Wedding Dress : Think Gently Used, Vintage or Consignment.

- Lose the Cocktail Hour. Or, make it a Cash Bar until Reception time.

- Get Flowers at the Farmers Market :: Bouquets will be made before your eyes!

- Use Ceremony Flowers as Reception Decor. This is a no brainer.

- Reduce the Bridal Party numbers

- Cut the Invitee List

- Plan a Destination Wedding (just the 2 of you!) :: Throw an elaborate At Home Reception.

- Book a photographer for a reduced number of hours. Develop a strategic timeline to capture the most important moments.

- Get your girlfriends (with photo skills) to capture all the 'Getting Ready' scenes.

- Skip Favors entirely (nobody will miss them - we promise!)

- Plan a local Honeymoon :: Not your own backyard - but within 3 hours of drive time.

Do you have a unique way to embrace your inner Recessionista?


Ian - London Wedding Photographer said...

wow what a great idea for a blog. I come across so many overwhelmed brides at last I have somewhere to direct them.

Thanks Ian

Event Girl said...

Thanks very much Ian! I look forward to helping them troubleshoot the path of wedding planning.

Cheryl said...

Hi Sandra,

I have photographed 3 elopement ceremonies with my husband (he's comes as the second witness) and they are always soooo special and beautiful.

Winter weddings are another way to save money -- a lot of vendors give discounts or are more flexible, including myself.