Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vintage is the New Sexy :: Wedding Style

So many of us love the Ladylike Look of the 50's + 60's.
Maybe you see your style as timeless like Jackie O, sweet a la Audrey Hepburn, or flirty like Marilyn Monroe.

Whomever you admire,
Posh Girl Vintage has got you covered.

All of their items are authentic, one of a kind, and available online!

Thinking about a Black Tie Wedding, filled with glamour + tradition? Here's a few Bridesmaid Dress options for inspiration:

Dress Styles : Carnegie Style, Taffeta Full + Chiffon Tiers

Darling, or what? These are my 2 favorites Dress Styles:

The Audrey + The Black Velvet Halter.
Dresses sell out quickly, so if you spy a knockout : Snap it up!


Dana McCauley said...

Love the dresses you high lighted! My one sadness is that they are mostly quite small. Either I'm an amazon or women are bigger now than they were before.

Sara E. Cotner said...

Fun dresses! Thanks for sharing...

@ Dana: Don't take it personally. I have the same problem. I joke that I need to look for maternity vintage dresses...

Event Girl said...

@Sara, @Dana : I hear you on the 'Vintage Sizes'! Don't think there were any 5'11" girls like me back then! But, great inspiration nonetheless. What I love about Vintage Dress lines, is the simplicity + ease of recreation.