Friday, July 24, 2009

Guest Gripes................We're back!!

Clearly, it's time for Round 2.

If you somehow missed out on Round 1, please review here.

Here goes......

Top 5 Guest Gripes

Flamboyant Accommodation - You know, it's great that you want everyone to stay at the W Hotel, or even the Four Seasons. But, guess what? Guests have already paid an arm + a leg to get your wedding {airfare, clothing, time off from work, being forced to spend time with family}.
It's time to eat a piece of reality pie. Your guests don't want to spend $500/night for a Suite. They aren't celebrating anything.

'Lack of Couth' Hosts - Remember that gift certificate to Bed, Bath + Beyond that Aunt Shirley gave you?
It was for $50, and you used it within a week of the wedding.
But somehow, you overlooked saying thanks. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for failing to send a HANDWRITTEN thank you note to each and every guest {present or not}.
If you think your lack of tact will go unnoticed, think again.

Crap Food - Spend the money, and have at least one edible entree. Please remember that these people are your GUESTS. Treat them as such.

Tacky Traditions - Money Dance, Hokey Pokey. Seriously, do I have to even bring these up? This is a WEDDING RECEPTION, not a child's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Receiving Lines - Please, oh please....Limit this to the Bride + Groom only. It's a guarantee that guests will be making small talk, or just staring at members of the Bridal Party that they don't know. Cut out the awkward factor, and just let guests congratulate the 2 people they really came to see.

Any other Guest Gripes you care to share?

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Jennifer Worick said...

Dry weddings. It's fine if it's an afternoon affair for 20 people but if you are having a large wedding, you need to suck it up and pluck down the credit card for beer, wine, and maybe a signature cocktail. You may not drink but I guarantee you that some of your guest do. This is a celebration. Punch will not do.

And please don't herd the single people to the same table. It's offensive.