Monday, August 25, 2008

Beyond 'The Knot'

Don't get me wrong........this website is an amazing resource: tips, suggestions, real world bride experiences, etc...

You literally could spend hours searching, reading, printing, looking at bios...........Sound familiar?

Other common side effects : blurred vision, feelings of wedding inadequacy, overwhelming additions to your wedding needs, false sense of friendship, etc.

Use it as a reference tool, just like you shuffle through a Wedding Magazine for inspiration.
But, when all is said & done - brainstorm away from the computer.

You will develop a level of originality for your wedding food, mood, garb, guests - that will be an authentic extension of you & your groom.

And, you'll feel an immense amount of pride knowing you creating it all on your own.
Trust me.


aletha :: pearls events said...

Great post. Sometimes girls on The Knot end up with cookie-cutter weddings.

event girl said...

Thanks Aletha! 'cookie-cutter' says it all.