Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So, what about the Kids?

This seems to be a fairly touchy subject to approach.
You want all of your guests to feel welcome; with or without little ones.

Alas, this is another situation that can allow obligation to eat you alive.

Remember - this is YOUR wedding day.
How you want to celebrate, in what fashion, where, and most importantly - with whom, is completely your perogative.

Now, that's not to say that you want to put 'NO BRATS' on your lovely invitations & RSVP cards!
Just provide an alternative, as an oh-so-subtle way to give guests the hint.

Hire a Babysitter. Put her/him & all the kids in a room - far, far away from the ceremony. Preferably somewhere soundproof, with a tv & dvd, crayons & coloring books, and a snack.

Put a link on your website, or include an insert with your invitation.
Explain that you want to provide an atmosphere where the kids will have some fun, and not feel like they have to sit still & be quiet during a 30 minute ceremony.

Believe me - Parents will be relieved. They too will be so happy to know that their little Jimmy or Maddie will not be the child running up & down the aisle, yelling at the other guests, and completely ruining your special moment. Parents will be able to focus on your big day - which is why you invited them to begin with!

Kids can then rejoin the celebration during the Reception.

They' re always the best dancers anyway.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!

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