Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No Directions? No Problem!

This is a frequent topic of discussion among brides, and usually their moms.
Brides tend to assume that the flow of the evening, and how to go from Ceremony to Cocktails to Dinner & Dancing, is implied by the layout of the Venue.

Moms of Brides tend to assume that everyone will get lost, someone will miss out on something memorable, and they will never hear the end of it.

How to Troubleshoot so everyone is in the loop? Signage

We're not talking Cardstock with a big red arrow. No, no. We envision signage that includes pertinent information, and can be incorporated into the overall decor of the event.
Such as:
Cocktails in the Noble Room
Howard Wedding

Here's an example seen frequently:
You're putting together a lovely program that includes...
Names of the Wedding Party, Parents, Flower Girl, Ringbearer, Officiant.
You've also included the music choices for the Prelude, Processional & Recessional.

Great - keeping everyone in the loop.

So, where do they go after the Ceremony? Do they even know there is a Cocktail Hour, followed by a sit down dinner in a large hall on another floor?
Is there any indication as to where the washrooms are, or when food is to be served?

How to solve this dilemna? Big Day Timeline
This could be a seperate card, or printed within the actual program.
Personal preference is given to a seperate little insert, in an attention getting color. Start &End times can be listed, including when the Newlyweds will be departing for the evening.
This gives a subtle hint to guests when the festivities will be over!

Here's an example from Event Girl's Destination Wedding in Hawaii:

What else can be mighty helpful?

Welcome Letter - could be included with a package of treats to hotel rooms.
Map/Directions to the Ceremony - leave copies at the Front Desk of the hotel for OOT Guests, or include in a Welcome Package.
Rent a Sandwich Board for Street Viewing - Indicate to Guests where to park for the Wedding.
Menus for the Bar & in the Reception area - what is available?
Helpful hints for the Guest Book or Wishing Bowl (if you want specific things to happen)

Can you get carried away? Oh yes. Incorporate what works for you, and the ambiance you're creating for your big day.
Just try to think from a guest's perspective - they will be complete newbies to the Venue & Timeline.

Here's to stylish sanity!

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