Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tipping the Scale

No fat jokes here :: I promise!

Let's talk about the art form known as Tipping (the monetary kind).

A topic that strikes fear in the hearts of many.
Often implied.
Dealt with by obligation.
But is it truly necessary?

Well, not really. It's a social custom, not a requirement, with no set rules.
It's completely up to your discretion, and quite possibly - your discretionary income.

Leaving a tip seems to be approached in two ways: either a patron leaves a lot (meaning 20% or more), or barely anything at all (say 0 - 5%)
You may feel that the service wasn't great, or maybe that the price they charge MUST include some type of implied tip to begin with.

From a Wedding Vendor's point of view - this is NOT the case.

Tipping has a skewed view by most consumers - as the most prevalent scenarios are that of a waiter/delivery person/valet driver/hairstylist. The person providing the service is right there, waiting.

But what about all those that worked feverishly 'behind the scenes' to create a seamless, stress-free Wedding Day experience for you & your guests?

Tip who you feel deserves it, and preferably after all is said & done.

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