Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wedding Planner = Wise Investment

There's a multitude of reasons why hiring an experienced wedding planner makes perfect sense.
Here's a sampling :

Genuine Enthusiasm
We get you. Your excitement is contagious.
We understand your craziness, irrational fears, feelings of obligation, emotional highs & lows.
We know how to listen, pass the tissues, and provide answers to even the silliest of questions.

Neutral Party
We're emotionally detached - but in a good way! Objectivity is key to planning a seamless event, and wedding planners provide good judgement without getting sentimental.

Stress Minimizer
We are comfortable in the roles bestowed upon us: Relationship coach, Errand girl, Production manager, and Logistics troubleshooter.
Always providing direction, encouragement and options.

Always with a smile on our face.

Save Some Dough
We have a pretty clear idea what certain things should cost. This is crucial when you actually want to stick to a defined budget.
Remember, this is the beginning of your married life.

Don't invite Debt to share your bed.
It isn't fun to add to the mix.

Time Saver
We have a strategy. Our honed research skills & vendor relationships have perfected our ability to match your wedding vision & budget, with those vendors that will make it work, on your terms.

Simplify Communication
We are the Point Guard of the Wedding Day Celebration. Schedule changes, Vendor mishaps, Lost name it. We are carrying the ball all the way.

Fully Present Memories
When you're relaxed, you're in the moment. Soaking up the mood, enjoying the food, having a ball. Everyone is lit up with joy, glee, happiness. True emotion will just bleed from the picture book.

Here's to Stylish Sanity!

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